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China Environmental Pollution Control

The environmental pollution control action in China covers the whole country and all factories that fail to meet certain standards. The initiative started from northern China since July 2016, and it's now arriving at Zhejiang.

Below is some info:

1. The special examination to Zhejiang Province is from August 11 to September 11.

2. Targeting companies' recycled imported electrical waste, tires, plastic, and textiles, as well as those that dismantle broken household appliances, scooters & accessories, paper products, hardware, etc.

3. Suspensions will take place for factories that fail to match the standards, and will remain shut down until the problem is solved. Up to now, we got informed by some factories that a small part of their orders will either suffer delays or cancellation. As the inspection progresses, more orders are bound to experience delays.

We will keep you posted on any other development that may occur. Thanks for your attention!

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